Juggle the soccer ball is a skill that all soccer players need to develop. It is not a skill that you must have to play the game of soccer at a high level but it definitely won’t hurt .

Look at some juggling examples in real games. Juggling has been used by some of the greatest players of the game.

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If you are like me, I bet your first attempt at juggling was a  horrible, painful experience. But with a lot of patience and practice it will become easier and easier.

Here is how you should be practincing to develop your juggling skills.

  • Hold the ball in your hand
  • Drop it to your feet and kick it back into your hands. Do this until you get comfortable doing it.
  • Juggle (kick) the ball 2 times before kicking it back to your hands. Do this until you get comfortable doing it.
  • Increase your juggling (touched/kicks) to 3/4 and the back into your hands. Do this until you get comfortable doing it.
  • Now alternate from right to left foot
As you practice, it will get easier and you will gain greater control over the ball.  Just remember to use alternate foot so that you develop both feet. As you get stronger, you can start kicking the ball higher in the air and then lower to gain greater control of the ball while juggling.  You can also begin to use other part of your body.

Here is a tip for you.

Juggle daily.  Touch the ball about 100 times with your right foot, 100 rimes with your left foot, 100 times with while alternating both feet.  Do this also with the thighs and with the head.
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